As many facilities increase operating hours, it is important to ensure that your building’s HVAC cooling systems are properly tuned-up and ready to take on the load. Further, given the continuing impact of the pandemic, it is key to ensure that you are maximizing indoor air quality of your facility. Our technical experts highly recommend the following procedures or air conditioning inspection checklist for seasonal HVAC maintenance:

For Immediate Implementation

  1. Keep your HVAC and Electrical Systems operating normally; i.e., implement corrective maintenance wherever necessary.
  2. Reprogram systems in a manner consistent with occupancy. Most importantly, make sure that temperature and humidity levels are being maintained.
  3. Wherever possible, increase outdoor air circulation. Disable demand-controlled ventilation and adjust dampers such that air intake is maximized and mold growth risk is mitigated. Lock the Fan Setting on all thermostats in the ON position to ensure continuous air circulation to improve indoor air quality.

With Spring Maintenance

  1. Replace high efficiency air filters MERV 13 or 14, and seal edges of filters to limit bypass.
  2. Inspect and clean dirty evaporator coil or condenser coils, as necessary.
  3. Consider steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is deemed to be far more effective than chemical cleaning in eradicating microbes and odors.

For Maximum Protection

  1. Implement air quality ionizers. Ionization technology is well established across several occupancy applications.
  2. Consider air quality monitoring. Sensor-based solutions are available for temporary or permanent monitoring of air quality and early detection of issues in a building, including Temperature issues, Humidity issues, and Particulate Matter.

If you have questions, contact an Asteroid representative via or our 24/7 hotline at (732) 446-9000 to find the solution that works best for you.