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Special Offers

Asteroid offers several options to our commercial and residential customers in order to make the HVAC buying process easier. If you are Commercial HVAC Buyer, we have several pro tips for you (see more information below). If you are a Residential Home-Owner, we have several financing options for you via our partnership with Greensky Financial (see more information below). If your HVAC equipment must need replacement and budgets are an issue, call us today and get off to a great start in 2021.


Pro Tips and Offers For Commercial Buyers

Cares Act

2020 CARES Act

The 2020 CARES Act offers 100% accelerate depreciation for your HVAC projects. Call us to learn more.

Institutional Financing

Institutional Financing

Conserve capital by taking advantage of Asteroid’s 13-Month or 60-Month institutional financing program (in partnership with Marlin Capital). Call us to learn more.

HVAC Equipment Replacement Amortization

HVAC Equipment Replacement Amortization

Amortize equipment replacement costs across 12 Months (equal payment at zero Interest) via signing-up for one of Asteroid’s “Guaranteed” Maintenance programs. Call us to learn more.

For Residential Buyers

Asteroid has established a partnership with Greensky Financial to offer financing to our residential customers.

  • Greensky offer plans to suit every budget and need. However, the two most popular programs are as below.
  • For our cash buyers, we are offering a 12 Months Zero Interest Zero Payment program whereby no payments are due for your project for 12 months (Greensky Plan 3128).
  • For our budget buyers, we are offering a 1.52% payment factor (i.e., $10,000 HVAC project will cost you $152 in monthly payments). This is based on Greensky Plan 1969.
  • Call us to learn more.