iot temperature sensor
iot temperature sensor

HSB IoT Sensors

Asteroid’s HSB IoT Sensors program involves the deployment of cutting-edge multi-functional IoT-enabled water, temperature and pipe sensors across any type of commercial or residential environment. These sensors in turn monitor various environmental indicators via a highly reliable cellular network, and if there is an issue, HSB’s 24/7 IoT Monitoring and Support Call Center alerts users immediately.

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Commercial Grade Equipment

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  • Extra Long Range
    Communications range with LoRaWAN is 1000+ feet, which is important for buildings with multiple floors or wings
  • Secure and Accessible
    IoT devices on cellular networks are separate from local network traffic and enable locating sensors in areas where customers do not have a “Wi-Fi/Internet” connection
  • Battery Backup
    With a cellular network backed by battery support, communication is not disrupted by power outages
  • Long Battery Life
    LoRaWAN minimizes draw on battery life (5-8 years)

Gateway’s Communication Hub

  • Overview
    Main communications hub for sensors
    Utilizes cellular network
    Long-range sensor communication through LoRaWAN technology
    Communicates through walk-in refrigeration, multiple walls, or below grade locations
  • Placement
    Place in an area with good cell signal, where it is protected from weather, and unlikely to be removed or turned off Should not be placed inside the cold storage unit Mount to a flat surface with adhesive strips, zip ties, or keyhole screw mounts on the back of the Gateway

Gateway’s Communication Hub

communication -iot based sensors

Gateway Signal Optimization

  • Find Cellular Reception (AT&T)
    Move to higher ground
    Move closer to exterior wall
  • Get Closer to Sensors
  • Orient Antenna Perpendicular To Ground
  • Avoid Obstacles
    Thick Concrete
  • Signal Transmits Better Horizontally Than Vertically Due To Antenna Design
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Water Sensor Installation

The water sensor is meant to be placed on the floor away from foot traffic and should be placed in areas that are normally dry.

Underneath or near a hot water heater
Next to a boiler
Near a sump pump
Near a pump
Alerts to presence of water
Sensor is waterproof
iot temp sensor

Temperature Sensor Installation

The temp sensor for indoors measures ambient room temperature and humidity levels. It is intended to be placed in a heated room with a thermostat.

Alerts if the heating is off
Alerts to high temperature
Alerts to mold growth conditions
Sensor is not waterproof and is intended for indoor use only
Sensor can also be used for refrigeration monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

The HSB IoT sensor monitoring service involves placing sensors (commercial water leak sensors or commercial wireless temperature sensors) in key locations and monitoring them 24/7. When the sensors detect an adverse condition, an alert brings it to to your attention so you can take action to protect your property or goods from further damage.